Biden If President Promises to Raise Taxes


Joe Biden spoke at The Poor People’s Campaign Presidential Forum and was asked what he would do if President to climate poverty and cut military spending. His answer as you would expect from any old school democrat is to raise taxes and repeal Trump’s tax cuts, which has put the US in a better position economically.

All democrats and modern day socialists want to do is take your money because they think #1 its theirs to do as they wish, #2 spend it on unsustainable programs they promised as they pandered for votes.

Keep mind as you listen to Biden speak that he has been in govt since 1973. So all that debt, spending and loopholes he appears to be condemning he actually played a role in creating!! Also he was the VP of the obama admin which is responsible for doing significant damage to the US economy, prolonged the “warmongering” while reducing funding to the military. You want more of obamanomics then go right ahead and vote for Joe, or worse with Bernie.