Rep Schiff Blames Trump For Iranians Attacking Tankers


Adam Schiff has come completely unhinged over his obsession with Pres Trump. He blames Trump’s foreign policy, for terminating the obama-Iran nuke deal as a catalyst for the increased level of hostility and attacks we’re now witnessing by Iran, most recently the oil tankers attack in the Gulf of Oman.


Schiff says “reneging on the deal hasn’t made us safer” but keep in mind we were NEVER safe when the deal was enforce. The nuke deal was not legally binding as it was NOT a treaty, never ratified by the Senate and did nothing to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons anyway! Schiff of course leaves this out and Margaret Brennan never calls him out for it, demonstrating the medias complicity with attacks against Trump by partisan hacks like Schiff.

The Iran nuke deal was DOA, obama only went into it for the appearance of a “success” for his failed foreign policy. He made the world more dangerous by what he did where just today it was reported Iran will “defy uranium stockpile limits” (media & Schiff are blaming Trump for) which would’ve happened deal or no deal/ Trump honoring the deal or not! The Iranians never had any intention of honoring the nuclear deal since its inception. Obama, Kerry, Schiff, the media et al KNOW IT, but they will all blame Trump for everything going on.