Gillibrand Says Pro-Life People Are Ineligible to Be Judges


Abortion, like climate change, is a “religion” to the Left where they’re willing to be everything they accuse the Right of being (fascists/ tyrants) to uphold the right to kill unborn babies. This desire to allow abortion at any stage, up-to and including moment after birth, is a sick obsession. These claims she makes that putting restrictions on abortion will result with women who “don’t have human rights, you don’t have civil rights, you don’t have bodily autonomy and you don’t have agency over the most important decision you will make” are absurd and a pathetic attempt of fearmongering.

These cultists will invoke sexism, racism and any other -ism to demonize people who are Pro-Life, where Gillibrand is saying Pro-Lifers can’t even be judges! Why not? Because they believe in protecting the unborn?

Judges are supposed to be unbiased yet Gillibrand is making it clear she wants biased judges in seats of power. And take note she is also making it clear the Left wants to use the courts to force their agenda through when they can’t get their way legislatively! That is why far too much power is being handed over to the courts with judges having lifetime appointments. If anyone in govt should have term limits it should be judges, since both sides of the aisle have weaponized the courts. Term limits would end judicial activism forcing the courts to decide the constitutionality of whatever case is before them vs doing what their side wants them to do.