Dem Rep Cohen: We Will Have “Blood On Our Hands” If We Don’t Impeach Trump


Dem Rep Steve Cohen made his way to CNN making his case why Pres Trump should be impeached, even though to this day POTUS has not broken any laws.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in Cohen as he claims the nation is in danger so long as Trump is in office, “I think we will see blood on our hands. I think we’ll see soldiers dying because this man will find a way to wag the dog, get us into a war to improve his standings and to make him feel like a man and not just a guy from the upper side of Manhattan sent to a military school upstate because he was a bad young man.”


Apparently Trump answering a hypothetical question that he would listen to a foreign nation providing information, aka opposition research, on a election opponent, and depending on what the info is will determine if it warrants alerting the FBI, is grounds (on top of everything else he’s accused of) for impeachment. Keep in mind everything Trump is accused of doing, there is no evidence, Hillary Clinton, DNC, Rep Adam Schiff, media personalities etc have actually done! They’re the ones working with the Russians as the evidence they produced to go after POTUS is proof of their collusion!

This nonsense has to stop or there will be blood on their hands as Cohen claims but not over a foreign conflict. It will be the result of their vitriol driving one of their own to carry out a repeat of Alexandria. And keep in mind, we have reports every week of Trump and GOP supporters coming under physical assault when they aren’t being silenced by Big Tech.