Sanders: ‘A Lot’ of Americans Would Be ‘Delighted to Pay More in Taxes’ For Free Stuff


Regardless of poor viewership CNN continues to be the mouthpiece for radical politicians like Bernie Sanders. The radical socialist pushing “democratic socialism” (there’s no such thing) took shots at POTUS as well as making his argument for higher taxes in America.

Take note at no time does Sanders make it clear those countries he highlights pay HIGH TAXES, Anderson Cooper has to set the record straight. You cannot have the type of nanny state Sanders, Warren, AOC and others are pushing for without massive taxation. Also another important fact left out is these nations ALSO have CLOSED BORDERS. It all sounds great free healthcare, education etc BUT you cannot offer the type of socialism this monster, that is what he is, wants to do and have a borderless nation because everyone will come to said country causing it to literally collapse from being unable to sustain the “perks” Sanders claims people would be delighted to pay for in higher taxes.

Unfortunately this is exactly what is happening to the US right now. We have social welfare programs illegal aliens are being given access to with a border that is open. The socialist party (formerly democrat) is using the Cloward-Piven strategy on a massive scale with illegal immigration as the vehicle to collapse the USA. Why? Because the socialists think after SHTF they will control the flow of information, where all fingers of blame will be pointed at the GOP, conservatives and capitalism followed by Left’s message of “it’s time to do things our way”. They know people hurting won’t care who or what but want a quick solution to the pain who will gladly vote for those promising to fix the problems. They will inevitably be voting socialists into a super majority, as they’ve done in CA, doing exactly what the Left wants. That’s the socialists end goal, doing to the US what they did in CA yielding PERMANENT one party rule; have you seen what’s going on in California lately?! Total disaster.

You’ve been warned America….