Biden Doubles Down: No Scandal or Lies During Obama Admin


Waaaaay baaaack in April 2019 Joe Biden appeared on The View making a claim he is repeating for the second time that ‘there wasn’t one single hint of a scandal or lie’ during the obama admin!

Apparently for 8 years Joe was asleep, as Pres Trump has rightly nicknamed him Sleepy Joe, where he missed:

  • Solyndra and all the green energy failures costing taxpayers billions
  • Fast & Furious, a scheme to undermine the Second Amendment
  • IRS targeting conservatives and agency execs destroying evidence
  • DOJ targeting reporters
  • BENGHAZI attack, not to mention the gun running behind it, lies told that the attack was about a video… there are many scandals within this one alone!
  • Clinton’s email scandal is actually an obama admin scandal
  • NSA spying on Americans
  • Secret Service caught with prostitutes
  • VA more or less letting vets die waiting for care AOC says is great
  • EPA poisoning the Colorado River
  • Obamacare disaster/ ‘If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor’
  • Iran nuke deal, where fmr dep Nat’l Security Adv Ben Rhodes admitted the admin lied to push it through
  • ‘no mass corruption, not even smidgen’
  • ‘Stopping ISIL’s advance’

There really isn’t enough time to list the other scandals, the details about them and all the lies that came out of the obama admin. And frankly I don’t think people will waste their time going down memory nightmare lane!

None of these are a hint of scandal to Lunchbox Joe. Between his gaffes, lapse of memory, acts of plagiarism, pandering, and adopting policies from radicals like AOC to stay relevant, Biden is providing a never-ending supply of videos showing exactly why he should not be president.