Maxine Waters Vows She’ll Find Evidence Trump Colluded with the Russians

Maxine Waters is an unhinged socialist with a severe case Trump Derangement Syndrome. In this clip she demonstrates how arrogant Leftists are thinking they can do better than their hitman Mueller attempted to do with his witch hunt against POTUS, where she vows to find evidence that Pres Trump “colluded” with the Russians…

What does Waters think she will find that Mueller and his Hillary Clinton supporting attorneys couldn’t find, after spending approx $40M issuing 2500 subpoenas, 300 search warrants and interviewing over 500 people? Oh and one more thing, collusion isn’t a crime, so even if there was something there

Socialist Party is hell-bent on impeaching Trump. They do not care about violating the will of the American people, nor how they have abused their power. They are the Enemy of the People, creating the same environment the nation was under in the LATE 1850’s.

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