Dem Rep Breaks Rules, Reads Letter Attacking Trump & His Supporters on House Floor


Marcia Fudge read a letter from a constituent attacking Pres Trump as well as his supporters in the House, during morning open speech period. Even though it violated House rules, Fudge gladly read the letter on the from the individual attacking Trump, wanting to know why he hasn’t been impeached yet and called anyone who supports him a “racist, steeped in religious beliefs, ignorant, or as my mother used to say just plain dumb.” By reading this letter she had an “escape hatch” if you will to attack POTUS without any concern of the House rules that bars

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Democrats have no respect for rules, our President nor anyone who supports him. To be quite frank, they hate him and they especially HATE YOU for putting him in office. They’re doing everything in their power to destroy his administration and nullify your vote, as well as silence any dissent with the hopes of winning in 2020.

You want to send them a message you’ve had enough? Then you better get out and vote in 2020 bringing 10 additional people to vote and they need to bring 10 too! We have to send a clear message the way things used to be are over, and that the path Trump has put the US on is what we want. Socialism, open borders, abortion, high taxes, govt controlled healthcare and all the other garbage the Left is selling needs to be squashed once and for all.