Scarborough: Trump ‘Created’ The Border Crisis


Trump Derangement Syndrome is extremely strong in Joe Scarborough. In what you could call an admission of the border crisis, this DNC propagandist put the blame of the border invasion on Pres Trump!

Hang on a sec we can agree the current border invasion is “because of Trump”. Illegals know Trump is seeking to end all the loopholes they’ve been exploiting for years, so naturally there is a mad rush to get into the US before the wall is built and laws (we hope) are changed to stop the record flow. But Joe like all on the Left like to blame Trump as being the direct cause, he is not. The democrats and especially obama rang the bell for illegals to come to the US. The Left got this invasion going YEARS ago, long before Trump was President and his rhetoric put the fear of God in their dreams of creating a new dependent, uninformed voting class and illegals dreams of a life filled with free stuff at tax payers expense.

The border needs to be shut down all immigration denied until we get a handle on who is here, who isn’t supposed to be here and a way to get them out or at the least sent to the back of the line. Yes an immigration reform bill is needed BUT it must have these 10 conditions or all bets are off!