MS-13 Gang Member Used Child With Chickenpox to Try to Enter US


CBP El Centro sector reported a fraudulent family unit was apprehended where a male within the group entered the US with a 1.5 yr old child, with chickenpox that is not his, and he is also an MS-13 gang member.

We have more proof of fake families entering the US abusing the system NEITHER party is taking any action to stop. This is another example of criminals, violent gang members coming into the US and the clear public health and national security risk illegals pose on the American. How many more boxes do we need to have checked off until DC does something vs throwing up one barrier after another against Pres Trump who is trying to stop this invasion???

Take note, you will not hear one word from the Left about this let alone the countless acts of child abuse by illegals using kids to get into the US.

This illegal is the one that got caught, how many illegals entering the US have kids that aren’t theirs in-tow? How many are carrying communicable diseases? How many are criminals, gang members or terrorists slipping through the border?! For every illegal apprehended it’s estimated that at least 4 get through, knowing the numbers coming in, 144K in May alone, you do the math on this invasion.

Since Congress is absolutely useless, POTUS needs to shut the border down under 8 US Code §1182 – Inadmissible aliens (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President, the same law successfully used for the travel ban.