CNN Analyst: Trump’s ‘Concentration Camps’ Will Lead to ‘Death Camps’


CNN political analyst Angela Rye weighed in on AOC’s now infamous concentration camps statement taking it a step further saying the detention centers along the US border will become death camps under Pres Trump. In her quest to make the Trump admin look bad Rye leaves one factor out: illegals are coming to the US by their own choice, and are being cared for to the best of DHS/ CBP’s ability seeing that they’re completely overwhelmed.

Illegals are not being rounded up in Mexico, Central and South American and parts unknown, loaded into train cars like cattle being shipped to the US. Also, illegals are not being put into forced labor, subjected to random execution nor marched into “showers” only to be gassed to death followed by their bodies being sent to a crematorium……..

Please note to this day none of the Leftists who compare Pres Trump, the GOP and their supporters to hitler and nazis NEVER had a bad thing to say about obama when he was putting kids in cages, had detention centers filling up to the point DHS was releasing illegals into communities, like yours truly’s Murrieta CA that made national news in 2014. None of the Leftists in DC are offering any legislative solution to the problem either, well that’s not true, they want immigration reform where they’re more or less demanding amnesty for illegals already here, making the border more porous and demanding pathway to citizenship for anyone stepping foot in the US.

The Left is the problem, they created this never ending wave of illegals with their rhetoric of amnesty, offering of free stuff and general pandering. They are doing everything in their power to keep DHS/ CBP’s hands tied behind their backs by denying funding, having activist judges interfere with the rule of law because of “feelings”. Want the border secure? Then you better vote republicans and conservatives into office in 2020, send Trump legislative reinforcements because he cannot make things right alone. Obama tried doing things on his own via Executive Orders and Actions where Trump simply reversed his radical policies. If Trump is forced to do the same a democrat or RINO republican future President will do the same. We need legislative solutions that only happens with GOP majority in the House, Senate and White House.