Sanders Supports Giving Free Healthcare and College to Undocumented Immigrants


Bernie Sanders pandered to National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), where he was asked if his plan for Medicare for all also includes 11 million “undocumented immigrants*”. As you would expect the socialist/ marxist responded ‘absolutely’ carrying on about healthcare being a human right and undocumented people are human beings too. He then expanded his promise of free stuff to also promise free college education for them but never explained in his response how he would pay for it all.

*First things first, there is no such thing as “undocumented immigrants”. Anyone using that language suggests said individuals have legal status to be in the US but their papers are lost, tied up in red-tape, or the dog ate them. No legal status means they are ILLEGAL, and these people are not native to America thus they’re identified as ALIEN = ILLEGAL ALIEN. PC language is killing this country.

If you want to have a socialized nation you cannot also have open borders the two will not work. Everyone and the grandmother will be flooding into the country… oh wait that’s what’s happening right now as we speak. Thanks to progressives many social welfare programs are made available to illegals who are flooding across our border at this very moment, to the degree that the CBP is overwhelmed. Bernie and the socialists infesting this country couldn’t careless about hte problems it’s causing because they think taxing the rich at 95% will solve everything, it won’t. They see illegals as the gateway to permanent power in the US, that’s why he, and his party, is pandering to groups like NALEO to lock of the Latin vote. In a nutshell, if Sanders’ plan was to be implemented the US economy** will collapse because free healthcare and education for 341+M (est 330M US citizens + 11+M illegals) is unsustainable.

The Left is constantly sending messages to illegals to breach the US border promising free stuff. They only care about changing the nations demographics as they have successfully done in CA. They want to do to the entire US what they did in CA because it puts them in power permanently. Only you can stop them by getting out to vote putting republicans and Constitutional conservatives into every seat of power, from school board all the way to DC. Ball is in your court, NOT Trump’s, to stop the Leftist horde.

** The US does not have the money to pay for all these programs, aka free stuff. The debt has not declined, it continues to increase which will result in a catastrophic economic depression the likes that has never been seen. This site used to report on economic issues issuing dire warnings, but since Trump was elected those reports are no longer welcomed and deemed NeverTrump propaganda. Funny, people supported the warnings under obama, but to report on same problems now is out of line.