Ilhan Omar Backs AOC’s Lie US is Running ‘Concentration Camps’


The democrat party’s new leadership is standing firm on the claim by, their real Speaker, AOC that the US is running concentration camps along the southern border. Radical islamist, anti-Semite, Rep Ilhan Omar doubled down on AOC’s claim “cleverly” stating, ‘there are camps and people are being concentrated’. [eye roll]🙄

As you would expect Omar also threw in her call to see ICE abolished. That way all the illegal drugs, weapons and criminals coming across the border can move throughout the US freely without any interruption from law enforcement!

Speaker of the House in name only, really spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi has defended this outrageous claim by Speaker AOC. Don’t expect any condemnation from the old party guard as they are 100.1% subservient to the new blood. Just think the power dems will wield if more GOP voters sit home election day, like the millions who did in 2016 and 2018, that put power back in the hands of the dems!?