Dem Rep LIEu Starts Conspiracy Theory After Mueller Bombs Hearing


In the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller bombing the House Judiciary hearing on his nothing burger report, dem Rep Ted LIEu has come up with a theory why. According to Leland Yee 2.0 aka Lieu someone ”got to” Mueller!


Apparently word was floating around Mueller was having issues with his hearing prep, and Sen Lindsey Graham said he was in a “weakened state”. If Graham knew this, the democrats knew and so did the media, yet they marched him out and made him look like a fool. You see democrats don’t care who they hurt, they’ll use you and then destroy you if you don’t deliver what they want.

For LIEu to suggest someone “got to him” is right in line with that MO. You would think those who put Mueller on a pedestal would come to his defense after this radical dem planted the seeds of conspiracy, but no. The Left will pile on and trash Mueller and it’s his own fault. Mueller chose this path he didn’t have to get on board with the witch hunt.. to get in bed with these radicals but he did anyway, so he gets what he deserves.