Scarborough Calls on Dems to Turn Trumps Political Bones to Dust and Spit on Them!

Looks like Trump’s winning streak is giving Joe Scarborough a serious case of TDS. After the Mueller Report hearing flopped failing to deliver that killshot on Trump’s presidency Leftists were hoping for, reality hit that they can’t beat POTUS playing their dirty games and will have to engage him on the campaign trail. That said Morning Joe had some advice for dems that is just short of calling on them to be violent….


“You’ve got to get in his face, you’ve got to smother him politically.

I would turn his political bones to dust. And when I turn it to dust, at that point, I’m then gonna spit on it….

I’m dead serious. If you want to stop Donald Trump, it is time to roll up your sleeves and go after him and do whatever it takes to win. If you don’t do that, you’ll have Donald Trump for four more years.”

Who talks like this? Leftists LOVE violence and many, like Scarborough, stop short of literally calling for it against those they oppose because they don’t want to be held responsible when one of their own acts out. They always stop short to CYA, meanwhile they’re preaching to their mindless horde who are rabid at this point, ready to carry out more acts of violencemany as documented on this site carrying out acts of violence.

If Trump used this same exact language he would be condemned, clowns like Joe would be whining how “Trump’s putting people’s lives in danger with this kind of talk”.

The atmosphere now is far worse than it was in 2017 when a Leftist snapped and attempted to shift the balance of power by trying to assassinate GOP Congressmen in Alexandria. How long until this heated rhetoric is misinterpreted by another idiot resulting in MORE blood spilled?

Understand this the Left HATES Donald Trump which means they HATE each and every one of you who put him in office. Threats against him, even political like this, are threats against you. God help us if these monsters ever get power again. It’s on you to keep that from happening in 2020.