Rep Omar Claimed in 2018 No Muslim Has Ever Been a Threat to the US!


By now everyone has heard about, if not seen, the video of Rep Ilhan Omar saying white men are dangerous, responsible for the violence in America (vid below). What you haven’t seen is this clip from the same 2018 interview where the freshman democrat tells Al Jazeera no muslim, from countries listed in the travel ban, has ever posed a threat to the US!!


No muslim huh Ilhan?!
Twin Towers attack in 1993
Boston Bombing
San Bernardino attack
Pulse Nightclub
2 Tennessee military centers
Ft Hood
New York City truck attack

Last time I checked the people responsible for these high-profile attacks (there are many more) were muslims.

This woman is beyond dangerous to this country. She is a staunch Islamist who hates the US, condemns our way of life making it clear she wants to change America. It’s time to turn the heat up on her over her bigoted racist attacks, not to mention her sketchy marriage, tax dodging etc!