Vid Purportedly Shows HANDCUFFED Middle Eastern Detainees Being Flown Out of San Diego


While the democrat party controlled media has everyone focused on the plight of poor Mexican and Central and South American “migrants” seeking asylum in the US, as they overwhelm our border, no one ever talks about the OTM’s. Illegals, Other Than Mexicans (OTM’s), from all over the world are apprehended along our border as well at an alarming rate every month.

This video shot in San Diego purportedly shows approx 130 Middle Eastern/ Muslim(?) detainees, in handcuffs, being screened/patted down and loaded onto a plane headed to parts unknown in the US! No one is being racist here, but most of the Mexican, South and Central American men coming across the border don’t have beards, so who are these guys and why are they handcuffed?

(10/29/19 FYI: Fascists at YouTube shut the original source of this video Patriot Fire, who has been documenting the border for approx 10 years, down claiming the channel promotes hate speech and violence!)

The individual who shot the footage says the plane flew them to Memphis, TN, why? What type of detention facility is in TN for men that appear Middle Eastern of fighting age, who need to be in handcuffs, searched while in handcuffs before boarding a plane in handcuffs?! Better yet if they’re of special concern why aren’t they being deported or on their way to Gitmo.

We have no idea who is entering the US everyday. Democrats don’t seem to care, they want you to have a background check and RealID to buy a gun or get on a plane, yet turn a blind-eye to those crossing the border illegally. Keep in mind for every 100 captured at least 400 get away. Here we have approximately 130 Middle Eastern men of fighting age who were captured, it’s safe to assume there are 400 just like them if not more among us. Granted these guys are in handcuffs, but this imagery should make it clear of the threat coming across the border.