Biden Wants Taxpayers to Fund Health Care For Illegal Immigrants


Fmr VP Joe Biden thinks YOU, already burdened with paying your bills, should have a portion of your taxes (if not increase them) to fund health care for illegal immigrants.


ANYONE who walks into an ER will get medical care. Doctors take an oath to care for people they just can’t leave you in the hall to bleed. The problem with the dems is they’re conflating health CARE with health INSURANCE. Dems want both for everyone including illegals. They want to have socialized medicine, which is fine BUT you cannot offer socialized/ free medical care and have an open border! Doing so everyone and their grandmother will come to the US which will collapse the system.

No tax paying American should have to pay for illegal aliens health insurance. Now let’s also be clear taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for illegals medial care either, they should pay one way or another. Hospitals will work out a payment plan with patients so they can be paid. Don’t tell me it’s not true I’ve done it!

Biden, knows all of this, he is just pandering to the hispanic community to get donations and votes.

If the dems take control of DC again as they did the first two years of obama’s reign they will wreck the economy ramming Medicare for All through tethered to whatever open border policy they implement. Those first two years of a dem super majority would be absolutely destructive to this country leading to its collapse, as this site has repeatedly warned.

Vote Trump 2020 and send conservatives to the House and Senate to help him stop the democrat nightmare.