Cory Booker Suggests Gun Control Will Bring ‘Freedom’


Cory Booker like all socialists has been pushing hard for more gun control laws following recent mass shootings. In his rant, with conspiracist Rachel Maddow, Booker suggests more laws will bring “freedom” to people when in fact they will only empower monsters like the one who opened up on police in Philadelphia!

No one had any of the facts about what was happening in Philly or why but that didn’t stop Leftists from politicizing tragedy. Booker’s call for more laws wouldn’t have mattered let alone stopped Maurice Hill from attacking police. Hill is a prohibited possessor, with a LONG rap sheet including weapons charges proving gun laws DO NOT STOP CRIMINALS.

People are free right now knowing they have the ability to protect themselves. Booker wants to take that away, to in fact punish the masses over the acts of a few and the damage they cause to their victims and families.

Tyrants think they have the answers, that their big picture view which violates basic rights is the only way to salvation. We don’t need more gun laws, people need to be able to protect themselves so they can live in ‘freedom” this tyrant is talking about. You can either be the sheep or wolf…