Rep Tlaib Used Her Grandmother to Score Cheap Political Points

As you know by now Reps Tlaib and Omar were both denied entry to Israel over their antisemitic positions and BDS support. Tlaib wrote a letter to the Israeli govt promising her intentions are to visit her grandmother and that she would “respect any restrictions and will not promote any boycotts against Israel” during her visit.

The Israeli govt granted her entry where Tlaib chose not to go grandstanding that she wasn’t being treated fairly…

The senior member of the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse had no intentions of seeing her grandmother. First off the organization that was sponsoring her trip was describeed by David French as “a vile, vicious anti-Semitic group that spread blood libel, printed neo-nazi propaganda, and celebrates terrorists who kill children”.

Second if she really wanted to see her grandmother she would bite her lip and be on her way. Tlaib just wanted to score cheap political points against Israel, whom she despises, and also against POTUS, over his support for Israel, while conflating the Travel Ban (aka Muslim Ban) to her treatment by Israel.

Oh and FYI Free Beacon reports instead of seeing granny Rashida will be attending a BDS event!

Tlaib is playing the racism card just as Leftists always do, esp now against Trump and Israel. What’s worse this time around she’s using her grandmother… then again that is when Leftists do as well – use anyone, including family, to push an agenda.