Fox Host Pushes Back on Border Patrol VP For Saying US is Being Invaded


Fox News’ Sandra Smith is towing the progressive line keeping guests politically correct even when they point out facts during a discussion about attacks against BP. The raccoon eyed host got upset with National Border Patrol Council VP Art Del Cueto for stating
“When you have individuals in large quantities that enter another country by force or illegally, waving the flag of another country, that is an invasion. I stand by those words.”

There was nothing wrong with what Del Cueto said, he had what’s happening on the border dead to rights. People need to start pushing back on progressives (there are many at Fox are showing their true colors over the last year, from Smith to Regan), don’t debate but have them explain things if they deem what you FACTUALLY and ACCURATELY stated isn’t so. What Del Cueto should have done after this progressive interrupted him was ask, “Well Sandy, if it’s not an invasion what exactly would you call it!?” Smith would’ve lied pushing prog talking points, balked/ transitioned to something else or been cocky that it’s her show, she asks the questions.

Speak the truth and stand by it no matter what. Since Trump got elected a lot of two-faces have been exposed, whether they’re making excuses for illegals to being in favor of anti-Constitutional gun laws.