Fauxcahontas Continues to Pander to Native Americans


You would think after being humiliated by a simple DNA test for pretending to be “native American”* for 40 years Liz Warren would have learned her lesson! The democrat presidential hopeful continues to pander to NA’s issuing an apology today, following her proposal earlier this week, with the hopes of swinging enough primary votes her way to run against Pres Trump in 2020.

You wanna talk racism? This woman believed some odd family story along with the fact her powpaw (sp?) having high cheekbones was an indicator of NA ancestry! She never once tried to verify family history while she manipulated the system for personal gain for 40 years, but now she is sorry. If she was truly sorry, she wouldn’t be running for office knowing she got at least half-way where she is on a pile of lies!

*“Native Americans” are no more native to the US as anyone whose family migrated here from Europe, Africa, Asia or anywhere else on this planet. Their ancestors MIGRATED to what is now North America & the United States scientists estimate 13K-25K years ago, not millions. Even the “genius” liberal scientists can’t even nail down exactly when they came from EurAsia/ Siberia, but if you pull their DNA that’s what you’ll find. Some will also have DNA matching South America and the Pacific! Fact is to suggest they were here from the beginning of man is 1000% absurd. There are NO 3.2M year old American “Lucy” fossils to give legitimacy to those calling themselves “Native American”. They’re descendants of migrants period.