Biden: “Hell Yes” I’d Appoint Obama to Supreme Court

No America Uncle Joe is not kidding. During his appearance on The Late Show Stephen Colbert asked the former VP during lightning round whether he would appoint barack milhous benito hussein obama to the Supreme Court and he answered “Hell Yes! I don’t think he’d do it but,… but he’s fully qualified.”

The Left is obsessed with obama they want him back in power. If the dems had majority power today they would override the 22nd Amendment removing Presidential Term Limits just to get the worst POTUS in US history back in power.

The Presidential election isn’t just about whose team wins the Oval Office, it’s about what gets done over that persons term. One of the most important duties of POTUS is to appoint competent judges to the federal courts as well as the Supreme Court. When democrats are in power they choose activists, as we saw with obama where Pres Trump is now having to deal with several overriding his legal orders. Odds are obama wouldn’t take the job, but you never know with his ego. Regardless, Biden demonstrates how extreme/ radical he, or any of the candidates, would be with their judicial appointments. For that reason alone Trump should be re-elected as he has appointed competent, constitutional judges to federal benches.

There is no doubt there will be another SCOTUS opening, so ask yourself who do you want making that appointment Donald Trump or one of the socialists running on the DNC ticket!? Exactly, so make sure to vote and bring 10 people of like-mind to vote and the same for them, etc etc!!