Buttigieg Says Anyone Who Uses Straws or Eats Hamburgers is “Part Of The Problem”


The CNN climate change crisis marathon that aired Sept 4th continued into Sept 5th where one of the fools trying to stand out from the crowd, Pete Buttigieg, told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota those who are “using a straw to eating a hamburger” is “part of the problem”!

Yes, you terrible horrible people using plastic straws and eating meat are destroying the planet. To date no one has produced any legitimate scientific data to support these absurd claims, but so long as the Left says they’re bad then they must be true.

Remember Joe Biden told us it’s all about choosing “truth over facts“. Give it time, sit back and do nothing allowing guys like Buttigieg to have power and the Left will eventually create the twisted utopia they’re dreaming about where those who don’t comply will be dealt with….