What Security Measures Are Major Retailers With ‘No Open Carry’ Policy Implementing?

In the wake of several mass shootings by unhinged individuals with clear mental health issues many major retailers are announcing, or reaffirming, they will no not allow weapons in their stores. Most are being clear they respect the Second Amendment and one’s right to protest themselves, so for the time being they don’t want people open-carrying.


Fine, this is their right but those legally open-carrying (OC) are not the problem. We get it, we understand people are on edge, but they should not panic when they see people who are OC because they’re not the problem, let alone a threat. They are the people willing to take a stand should a threat arise between you and some scum bag who wants to kill. BUT here’s a hard truth, while seeing someone armed is a deterrent, a determined criminal or evildoer will target OC’ers first. That said, here’s the question these business, and I’m sure many more are to follow (especially those who say no guns period open or concealed), need to answer:

What security measures are you implementing to protect your customers?
Do you have metal detectors, armed guards, is your staff trained to disarm an attacker, etc?

Surely these companies realize they have sent a message to criminals and evildoers that it is open season on customers and their staff in their businesses. The next time you walk into one of these places ask to see the general manager and ask them this question.

While there are a lot of conceal carriers out there it’s clear they aren’t as prevalent as the Left would have you believe, since mass shooters have rarely been stopped by a law-abiding OC. This is key to factor into this no open carry policy spreading like wild fire, and you can be sure when Shannon Watts, of Moms Demand, and other gun grabbers get their way it will also include conceal carry.The guns just aren’t around as the Left would have people think, that OC is probably the only person armed in the area!!

If companies taking this position cannot answer the above question Americans should think twice about entering their businesses. They are not safe, you and your family are not safe at these places, again because these companies have sent a loud public message to criminals it’s open season.

If we’re going to move to these anti-gun policies over irrational fear, then companies should be required to have armed security on site. Should something bad happen, those who don’t should be held criminally responsible. You cannot tell people they can’t carry weapons to protect themselves and offer no security in its place. Maybe after someone goes to jail or an expensive civil lawsuit or two people will calm down, stop listening to Hollywood, the media, anti-Constitution lobby, come down to their senses and be rational.

The truth of the matter is, just like when politicians pass gun control laws, the only people being affected by this no gun policies in businesses are law-abiding Americans. These laws and policies only embolden evil.