Kamala Harris Denies Laughing Over Rally Attendees Offensive Slur Towards Pres Trump


Kamala Harris held a campaign rally in New Hampshire, fielding questions from attendees where one asked, “what are you gonna do in the next one year to diminish the mentally retarded action of this guy [Trump]?”

Last time I checked calling someone retarded is now deemed offensive speech by Leftists. Hell, yours truly got a Twitter timeout for asking Shep Smith whether he was stupid or retarded over something that was blatantly obvious, where the only way to get reinstated was to delete the tweet. And let me be clear I take exception using this word as I have a mentally handicapped family member – in other words I CAN use that word you Leftists can’t!

Harris of course then denied it happened, claiming she did not hear what the man said!

Watch the video again, you can hear him clear as day and she says “well said” TWICE!

What you have here is typical of Leftists using language they attack others for using, then denying it happened. Vote Trump & GOP 2020 otherwise these people are going to dwarf what they did during obama’s 2 terms.