Hogg Hands Second Amend Supporters Gift By Using ‘Wounded Knee’ As Reason For Gun Control


Attempting to sound smart, rational and reasonable in this “we must do something” age, petulant child, unhinged radical Leftist TOOL David Hogg just gave Second Amendment activists an gift! MSDNC’s Chris Hayes asked what Hogg and his ilk are doing to deal with America’s gun culture that apparently is the reason for mass shootings in their quest for more control, not whats in the hearts and minds of criminals and evildoers. Hogg uses his “superior intellect” to point out Americans must come to terms with their history pointing out the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890 is an example of mass shooting committed by, a genocidal white supremacist, govt thus another good reason for disarmament! ? ? ?

Leftist’s calls for more gun control laws, even bans and confiscations are the very reason why we have the Second Amendment. Thank you kid for this gift of truth spelling out the exact reason why the people should be armed to defend themselves from an out of control govt!

Cannot figure out why he would use the massacre in an argument to change gun culture in the US since the govt were the bad actors in that terrible piece of US history. Mass shootings happen because of the mentally deranged, who don’t get the help they need or people filled with so much hate it drives them to murder. Disarming people isn’t going to stop what’s in minds of criminals and evildoers. We’ve beat this dead horse to the point its bones have been pulverized to dust that criminals and evildoers DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW. There’s nothing this CHILD (yea yea he may be 18 but he has the mindset of a 5 yr old) could possibly say to change things.