Dems Hold Presser for Gun Control, Vow “Hell to Pay” If Bill Isn’t Passed


House Spokesperson Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and fellow socialist party members held a presser today, their first day back from summer recess (aka govt shutdown), pushing for gun control. Pelosi was so adamant dems must get their way she more or less threatened Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, calling him the Grim Reaper, Pres Trump and the GOP and there would be hell to pay if the democrats gun control bill isn’t passed!

The dems are pushing to get HR8 and it’s companion bill HR 11 passed in the Senate. Pelosi is outright lying, the bills would do NOTHING to stop any of the tragedies we witnessed this summer or in the past. As matter of fact NO gun control bill can stop a criminal, evildoer or terrorist because by their very nature they’re lawless. These oppressive, unconstitutional laws will only hurt law-abiding Americans.

Rep Steve Scalise who was shot by an unhinged violent Leftist was STOPPED in Feb from testifying in a gun control hearing because he knows like any of us the bills are useless against evil. He explained in an interview giving a scenario where the dems bill would make it a crime to loan your shotgun to a friend during a hunting trip, resulting in jail time and a $100K fine!

This bill Pelosi and Schumer want passed is nothing more than another level of control. It is proof of how dems are slowly and subtly chipping away at the Second Amendment without ever touching it, as this site has warned repeatedly. Dems want to disarm Americans because they know they cannot fulfill their messiah’s dream of fundamental transformation as long as YOU are armed.