Hey GUYS, Apparently You Can’t Say ‘GUYS’ Anymore Because Some SJW Snowflake Says So


The Left is a bunch of social justice warriors (SJW’s) who live in a constant world of hate, where everything they don’t like is deemed offensive and must be banned. People have been using the word ‘guys’ to address groups of people, be it friends, family, students whatever, for as long as many of us can remember. But now this whiny SJW snowflake, whom will not be named on this site, says using the word ‘guys’ “just seems lazy, inconsiderate and a small part of what reinforces the gender hierarchy today”!

This is a perfect example of an unhinged Leftist who is clearly regurgitating political correct nonsense she was taught as some indoctrination camp (aka college/ university) It’s also a shining example as to why college is not needed in the 21st c! Leftist live a sad pathetic life, angry at the world where one could literally do the research and write out the script for a video like this.

Political correctness is destroying our country; people have lost their jobs, businesses, friendships ruined, in some rare cases families broken up over this out of control nonsense. PC culture must be obliterated before we need the UN present to say hello or ask a simple question. Best way to make it happen is to do and say everything that triggers these snowflakes and don’t look back!

Keep in mind people who think like this want to rule over YOU GUYS! So let’s make the 2020 election choice real simple:
You GUYS can vote for Trump or vote for this crap via whomever wins the DNC nomination