Pelosi Rages Over McConnell Not Bringing Gun Bill Up For Vote

Nancy Pelosi came a bit unhinged at reporters when asked about her gun control bill HR 8, that was passed months ago but has yet to get a vote in the Senate. The House spokesperson was quite bothered that the socialist party media arm wasn’t asking these questions to Senate Majority Ldr Mitch McConnell, aka the Grim Reaper!

While it’s entertaining to watch Nanzi snap, what you have to take note of, which should cause concern, is how angry this woman is expecting her gun grabbing bill to not only get a vote but passage in the Senate!? Look at how mad she is, that’s just her, but you know there are many others far more angry who have lost patience wanting their fundamental transformation agenda to be completed. These monsters are desperate for power, so much so they are all raging like Pelosi, because they want control over this country and the only way that happens is by taking your rights away.

Enjoy the vid but consider it a warning to how dangerously desperate these people are becoming. Remember they’re the same ones who tried a soft coup on Pres Trump, there’s no limit to how low they’ll go to get what they want.