Biden Makes Excuses for Gaffes: Details Are Irrelevant..

Joe Biden, like all Leftists, is a master of language and manipulation. We’ve seen and heard the plethora of gaffes he’s made including his recent war story, that was completely false. Frankly, what he did IMO is the equivalent of stolen valor, but we’ll leave that to those in the military (active and retired), who call people out for the offense, to make that official call. During an interview for an NPR podcast the former VP and Senator demonstrated his mastery of manipulation stating “details are irrelevant in terms of decision a making”.

Is this guy good or what? Well at least on his own kind it works, as the interviewer accepted his analogy and they moved on.

You see boys and girls so long as the story sounds good and fits whatever narrative (or agenda) Leftists are pushing to hell with the details aka facts. This goes right along with Biden’s moment of being truthful most took as a gaffe when he said “we choose truth over facts”. If you didn’t read the op on that go check it out because you’ll understand an important tactic the Left uses to win hearts and minds Uncle Joe let out of the bag!

We can only hope Biden wins the DNC nomination because Pres Trump will take him apart in the debates. obama is well aware of this and is why it’s reported he told Joe “you don’t have to do this [run for President]”. obama knows Biden will get eaten alive by Trump who will pounce on his terrible policies that hurt the US in which Biden will fail miserably trying to defend!