Biden Wants to Ban Semi-Auto Guns


As predicted following Beto’s vow to confiscate guns if elected, the other dem candidates are jumping on the bandwagon. Joe Biden told reporters that he wants to ban all weapons that have multiple round magazines, in other words all semi-auto guns (handguns and rifles).

“..magazines that have multiple bullets in them…” FTR all semi-automatic weapons are fed via fixed or removable magazine, or belt fed. What he is calling for IS a semi-auto gun ban.

Biden then tries to reassure people 2A rights won’t be violated when in reality it will based on what he and the others want to do, “…this is not any – in any way a violation of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment doesn’t say you can own any weapon you want, it never said that.”

WRONG Uncle Joe

‘shall not be infringed’ couldn’t be any more clear. The Founders intentions were clear, just read what they said about the ‘right to keep and bear arms’. They considered the people the Militia and wanted them AS WELL ARMED AS THE GOVERNMENT! Sorry to tell you Joe, and Beto, but the Founders DID intend for people to have access to all the same firepower the govt has, from F-15’s to even nuclear weapons!! Remember the govt they were establishing is a limited govt, limited by the Constitution, as obama pointed out “charter of negative liberties”.

They had just fought the most powerful and well armed military in the world, they did not want people in the future to have to go through that again, to be outgunned, thus 2A written so simply and ABSOLUTE.

The Left will always gaslamp the country that what 2A says isn’t so. They will tell you ‘well regulated’ means govt regulations not a well equipped and trained. They are using 21st century interpretations for 18th c intentions. All you have to do is read the Founders words, but at the rate we’re going with education the day will come when NO ONE will be able to read cursive writing!

Biden, Beto are now on record they want to ban weapons. You can bet Kamala and the others will soon be singing the tune now that they took the lead.

The Left wants you disarmed, defenseless and dependent on the govt (they hope will be them). They know they cannot switch this machine they’ve been building for years so long as the people have weapons. But all you have to do is look to the people of Hong Kong, Venezuela and other hotspots to see how important it is for the people to be armed otherwise the US will end up just like these countries.