Beto Vows to Confiscate Guns If Elected

Democrats… Leftists tend to be guarded, speak in code on some issues especially when it comes to the Second Amendment. They LOVE to use word salad to bury what they really want to do, patronize gun rights activists that their intentions are for safety and security. Deep down though we know what they really want to do is confiscate Americans weapons, even with that they use coded language ie mandatory buyback, but they never directly say confiscate… until now!

Bob Frank BETA O’Rourke talked to reporters, following the shooting spree that started in Midland to Odessa, TX, where he vows he will in fact confiscate weapons if elected President. The DNC probably isn’t too happy with him being so frank and honest, since they all dodge the issue. But make no mistake if this jerk or any of the dems running get elected your Second Amendment rights will be chopped up like dems have done in California, New York, New Jersey and other democrat strongholds.

You can be sure Kamala and the others will now jump on the gun confiscation narrative now that he has said it vs beating around the bush.

This TYRANT doesn’t even realize the Second Amendment exists for the very reason he is proposing. Do your history kids aside from all the abuses it was also gun confiscations that set off the Revolutionary War! The Founders wanted the people to be as well armed as the govt whether the Left wants to admit it or not. If they ever get power again in DC and try to take peoples weapons away it will start a Civil War, the Left will lose faster than they start it.