CNN Political Analyst: If Anything Happens to Whistleblower The Blood is on Trump’s Hands


CNN political ANALyst, hack really, David Gergen weighed in on whistleblower-gate following Pres Trump posting a series of tweets attacking the unnamed whistleblower.

Gergen warned “If somebody goes after him [whistleblower], the blood is going to be on the hands of the President”

Pres Trump has every right to face his accuser, and the American people have a right to know who it is as well. If someone was to act out against them then the blood is on that individuals hands.

What Gergen is doing here is typical of progressives/ Leftists to establish rules which automatically blame the President for the actions of others. They also do this to establish restrictions, rules as to what can and can’t be said from the Right.


Did anyone blame Bernie Sanders when a Leftist attempted to assassinate approx 30 GOP members during baseball practice? What Gergen ceases to understand is that it is his people, Leftists, who attack political adversaries, some with the intention to kill. You can look but there are no stories of a Right-wing nutcase shooting up a bunch of democrat leaders. The attempted assassination of democrat Rep Gabby Giffords was an unhinged Leftist. Just about every recent attack has been carried out by an unhinged Leftist, including Charlottesville. (Refresher: actual white supremacists/ fascists/ nazis are on the Left|nazi = National SOCIALIST).

Since Leftists like to make the rules, then we will go by their rules:

If ANYONE goes after President Trump, his family or staff, any Congressional member and conservative who supports him “the blood is going to be on” YOU David, CNN, the entire Democrat Party, the entire media (which is under DNC control) and Hollywood propagandists who fully support all of you!