Fmr ICE Dir Slammed House Dems, Tells Rep Jayapal “You Work For Me”

The House Judiciary held a hearing on The Expansion and Troubling Use of ICE Detention which was their opportunity to make the case for open borders and slam Pres Trump. Fmr ICE Dir Tom Homan was one of the panelists asked to testify to give his opinion based on his expertise that didn’t sit well with the democrats, especially Rep Pramila Jayapal who was Chairing the hearing.

Homan took every opportunity to set the record straight as dems pushed lies about the Trump admins policies, pointing out many were enacted during obama’s reign of terror the dems never held a hearing over! Rep Jayapal clashed with Homan several times until he finally had enough stating a two facts many Americans agree with 101%: that the dems have failed to do their job to secure the border, and more importantly “I’m a taxpayer, you work for me!”

Democrats, heck republicans too, don’t seem to grasp the fact they are OUR EMPLOYEES. We have serious problems in this country because they think they rule us. It’s why we have 2 sets of rules where Hillary Clinton can mishandle confidential information and documents and get away scot-free but if any of us did the same we would be in jail.They abuse their power everyday starting with not securing the border.

The dems want the border wide open to change this country’ demographics to eventually lead to one party as the successfully did in California. Through illegal immigration CA is now under the democrats control, republicans will never hold majority power, and you see how well the state is running haven’t you?

We need a reset, politicians need to be educated that they work for us, are not above the law, and do not have the right to violate our rights whatever cause their championing.

Full hearing video