Maxine Waters Brags She “Won” Argument to Convince Dem Party to Pursue Impeachment


When the dust settles people will ask “who started all this nonsense”? Those of us in the know will point our finger at many people but especially this corrupt monster Maxine Waters. She has been going in front of any camera she can find to attack the President, GOP and their supporters with outright lies. Waters is guilty of telling a lie over and over again until it becomes the truth.. over facts (as Biden revealed).

Waters hasn’t won any argument, other than showing how spineless Pelosi is to bow down to the REAL Speaker AOC! For the record Pelosi make her announcement to launch an impeachment inquiry following AOC’s questioning of the socialist party!

The fact is Articles of Impeachment haven’t been formally introduced by the House Judiciary Cmte, under Rep Jerry “the Hut” Nadler, who would be the ones to initiate it. The dems DO NOT have the votes to impeach Pres Trump, it’s all talk and posturing, like Waters is doing here. In a nutshell the Left is taking a victory lap when they haven’t even gotten out of the pits!! Furthermore, it will take well over a year to impeach Trump if they actually got the votes, as it would still have to go through the Senate. Do you really think the dems and RINO’s want to have impeachment hearings with an election around the corner!? Lastly, can you name any US President who was impeached AND removed from office?…. It Never Happened.

Let the dems and NeverTrump RINO’s impeach Trump tomorrow, he’s not going anywhere.

403 days America until election day. If you’re tired of this nonsense make sure you align yourself with like minded people and inform those who are on the fence. Motivate them to get to the voter booth next year to re-elect Donald Trump and send the democrats and NeverTrump RINO’s into pure insanity.

Lemme just say in response to the celebratory reaction by these two little Buzzfeed kids that they need a good old fashioned slap in the face. Far too many entities try to pass themselves off as news when in reality their BIASED opinionated commentators.