Robert Davi RAGES Against the Left: THEY’RE TRAITORS!!

Robert Davi is one of the few people in Hollywood who is conservative and not hiding his political beliefs. If you’re not following him on Twitter you should, his commentary and videos are short but pack a powerful punch, like this one where he RAGES against the Left (democrats, media, pundits), nailing them dead to rights that “they’re traitors”.

He’s right you know, the democrats, and members of the media, ARE traitors with the actions they take against Pres Trump, and the country, putting their desire to get even over real issues like poverty, homeless, healthcare, economy and national security. Leftists are communists who want to control every aspect of your life from beginning (abortion or not) to healthcare (get the care you need or let nature take its course). The dems are willing to run this country into the ground to get even with Pres Trump and frankly you the voters who put him office. They don’t care about people being harassed, bullied, terminated from jobs and assaulted because they are not on board with the progressive dream. They don’t care when the Americans they’re pitting against each other come to blows in places like Portland. They want conflict… armed conflict because they think when the dust settles they’ll be standing atop of the rubble to lead America into a new future, their future, where they decide what you eat, drive, wear, say, where you live etc!

There are a number of GOP members who are silently getting in lockstep with the dems too. Those RINO’s care more about the office they hold and money behind it than Americans. We know who you fools are, your votes against Trump’s policies on serious matters like the border tell us all we need to know.

Davi’s rage is how a lot of us feel especially many who don’t vote, who better get out of their spiteful funk next year or this country is done.