Tucker Mocks Shep Smith as Joe diGenova WRECKS Judge Nap


It’s safe to assume the nighttime hosts on Fox are not fond of the daytime progressive host. A while back Shep Smith trashed the nighttime lineup, acting high mighty while he seeks out guests, like Judge Napolitano, who will tell him what he wants to hear.

On 9/24 Judge Nap gave his BIASED opinion during Smith’s 3pm show that was questioned later that night by Tucker Carlson who had Joe ‘Luca Brasi’ diGenova on for clarification. As you’ll see in the clip that breaks it all down Joe had choice words for Judge Nap. The following day 9/25 Smith had a segment dedicated to defending Judge Nap while condemning the treatment he received the previous night from Carlson and diGenova. Smith even ran through a list of legal experts who agree with Napolitano’s analysis that Tucker felt compelled to address, inviting Joe back on to respond and it went as you would expect…


For the record Smith has NEVER had any legal expert on to give him alternative opinion than what he wants to hear. He always has Judge Napolitano on, who has a chip on his shoulder always critical of Pres Trump, ever since he didn’t get the judicial appointment (supposedly to SCOTUS). You will never see Joe diGenova, his wife Victoria Toensing or even Mark Levin as a legal guest for the 3pm hour. Smith is as biased to the Left as they come. He is supposed to be doing a news show, yet he does opinion, like the opinions of the nighttime lineup he trashed! If you’re wondering why Fox’s news coverage has changed, where even POTUS has pointed it out, it’s because of Smith!

Joe diGenova has a resume that is superior to Judge Napolitano’s. “But Napolitano was a Judge!” Yep, but he never held any of the other positions diGenova held, and lets be brutally honest, judges are glorified attorneys.

Frankly Carlson and diGenova went east on both, especially Judge Nap who has been wrong one analysis after another, his track record in the age of Trump is atrocious! Keep in mind this is the same Judge who said Don Jr would be indicted, Pres Trump committed a felony and would be indicted as well. He used to be a resource for Constitutional law many of us relied on, now he is partisan Never Trump hack, who has zero integrity or credibility. He lost his Fox show and low and behold he turns on Trump and he gets a new show on Fox Nation!