Another Massive Caravan is Headed to the US


While the Left has the country distracted with their attempt to impeach Pres Trump, the situation on the border still remains dire. The fact that new border fencing is going up is not a deterrence whatsoever to the hundreds, if not thousands, making their way through Mexico towards the US border.

The Mexican govt allegedly deployed 27,000 troops to stop illegals from making their way to the US, apparently they’re asleep on the job or helping. As you can see from this video from RT NOT Fox, CNN, MSNBC or any other US news outlet, the illegals are coming here unchallenged by authorities, it appears in a few shots Mexican Federale’s are assisting.

Let’s also be honest many making the trip in this video are clearly NOT from Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador as they appear to be from South America (ie Brazil) and Africa. [race hustlers don’t even try it]

Many pundits and leaders in DC are irate over Pres Trump’s decision not to help maintain Syria’s border, while ours is wide open for all of these people to enter with God knows who is entering. Ask them to explain that, why do we have to maintain borders in other countries that frankly HATE us but we can’t secure our own!?

10/13/19 Update: apparently the Mexican Natl Guard finally did their job and turned this hoard back, but fact remains these ILLEGAL ALIENS got into Mexico!
Mexican National Guard Stopped, Turned Back Migrant Caravan Headed For US