These Violent Protesters ARE the Modern Democrat Party


This site for quite sometime has been identifying those who steal Trump supporters and conservatives property (ie MAGA hats, US Flags, signs etc) and proceed to set them on fire, spit in their faces, harass and physically attack them as unhinged violent Leftists, but in reality they are in fact violent democrat party voters. We must always be sure to make the connection between the people in videos like those below to the monsters in DC trying to ruin this country when they aren’t attacking the President.

The Trump rally in Minneapolis had 20K Trump supporters inside the venue with an estimated 25K outside who couldn’t get in. Those numbers were not enough to keep these modern violent democrat party voters from protesting and attacking attendees, as well as the police. These are the people who want their handlers and “leaders” to run it all, control every aspect of our lives…. think about that.

(More vids surely to come following the President’s next rally)

While it’s dismissive to call them crazy, is this normal behavior?

Is anything they do really normal and acceptable, be it bizarre dancing in the streets to advocating taking from one who works hard and earned everything they have to give it to another who chooses to do nothing expecting everything to be handed to them!?

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder. Democrats are the biggest existential threat to the United States, NOT ISIS, al Qaeda, Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, drug cartels etc. This country will be destroyed from within, and these people are the ones willfully prepared to do it regardless of the consequences.