Dem Senator Proposes Bill to Make News Media a Protected Class


DICK ‘Stolen Valor’ Blumenthal has a knack for making up laws that suit him and his party. When he Conn’s attorney general he created a law out of thin air to punish AIG executives…

With that in mind DICK wants to turn the people attacking Pres Trump, conservatives, GOP, NRA, pretty much anyone who doesn’t walk in lockstep with the Leftist agenda for America into protected class. DICK wants to make it a federal felony for anyone who is threatening or attacking “anyone doing fact gathering or news operations”!

D I C K left out one key issue, the people in “fact gathering or news operations” are not doing their jobs, they’re doing political activism driving LIES as news, creating division, hate and triggering unhinged violent Leftists to act out against the people DICK wants to see prosecuted! People get threatened everyday, just ask Dana Loesch, Pres Trump, hell to be fair and balanced barack obama too! Yes, no one should be making threats let alone attacking people, but it’s not the Right actually doing any of it. Unhinged Leftists are the ones making threats and carrying them out.

This clown is just a Glenn Beck described him 10 years ago, “an insult to George Washington”. Blumenthal and his party are no longer hiding their desire to violate the Bill of Rights to silence and punish dissent.