NO, Pelosi Wasn’t Standing Up to the President


No, Nancy Pelosi is not standing up to Donald Trump in this pic. What you have here is a woman who was being put in her place by the President. Sitting there she made the decision to leave, stood up (because that’s what you have to do when your sitting and decide you want to leave), said something and then proceeded to walk out with her two lackeys in-tow. The Left will have you believe she STOOD UP and condemned the President. No, that didn’t happen and we know this because Pelosi, Schumer and Hoyer IMMEDIATELY RAN to the cameras to set the narrative… just like they did last time this happened.

Oh and then there is democrat Rep Adam Smith’s account of what happened that POTUS was not acting out!

Now it would be nice if there was video footage of the exchange, you would think after the last time this happened Trump would know better, so shame on the President for not having a camera rolling.

We do have GOP Leader McCarthy’s account of what happened and he notes there is a pattern of behavior by the House SPOKESWOMAN…

Dems.. `scuse me socialists know Russia Russia Russia, along with obstruction and Ukraine-gate is DOA to remove the President from office. Schifty Schiff’s attempt to use all the failed socialist created scandals to impeach the President from the basement of the Capitol will fail since the HOUSE has to vote on impeachment NOT the Speaker and committee chairs – they don’t have the votes. The socialists are now structuring the case to be made that Pres Trump is mentally unfit for office. Watch the propaganda networks coverage over next couple of days you’ll see and hear people calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked.

In all seriousness there is something medically wrong with Nancy Pelosi. IMO she has the early onset of dementia as she gets very puzzled, confuses names and places when she isn’t mumbling her words, has these frozen face moments etc. When these symptoms show her meds are low because other times she is sharp probably after a dose of whatever she is on. Pelosi had the meltdown not the President, she’s unfit to hold office and would be wise to retire vs run again in 2020.