Pelosi Compares Dems’ Impeachment Inquiry to the American Revolution

Speaking at the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum, House SPOKESWOMAN Nancy Pelosi made an absurd and insulting comparison to the democ.. socialist party’s impeachment inquiry against Pres Trump to the Founders fighting for their independence. She has been invoking the Founders and the Constitution a lot as of late which for Leftists is beyond hypocritical – they HATE the Constitution and the Founders.

Has Pres Trump ordered troops to go house-to-house disarming Americans? Has he raised taxes on daily used items? Has he infringed on people’s rights for free speech, the religion they can practice, their ability to protest? Has Trump done anything that is a violation of any of the Bill of Rights which are the end result/ product of the Founders war for independence?

The answer is obviously no. If you flip positions here Trump and sane Americans fighting the Left on impeachment and holding onto our rights, ie First & Second Amendments they are trying to dismantle, is similar to the American Revolution. The democ.. socialist party are actively engaged in taking a match to the Constitution should they get super-majority power ever again!