Trump Rips ABC Reporter Over Fake Syria Story


Pres Trump ripped into ABC’s Jon Karl during a presser over the fake Syria story they put out earlier this week. The President, as always, was calm and composed as he spelled out facts about what is really going on with Turkey in Syria while he called Karl out that he should get his facts straight.

Take note Karl completely ignored the absolute fact his network tried to pass off the Knob Creek Shoot in 2017 as combat footage from Syria. This is why Pres Trump calls their news fake news and enemy of the people, with the peoples support! What ABC did wasn’t an accident, they literally doctored the video, stabilizing it, cropping out the crowd and other color adjustments to give the impression of a massive attack to fit their warmongering narrative Trump wants no part of.

Thankfully a cease fire has been declared and the best part NOT ONE US SOLDIER had to get involved. Will it last? Who knows, but this is NOT Americas fight, anyone condemning POTUS on his decision should grab a weapon and go fight if they care that much over a border war. Of course these are the same people who don’t want to secure our border but want US soldiers deployed thousands of miles away to secure someone else’s, who hates our guts. And no libs, the Syrian Kurds are not the same as the Iraqi Kurds, get educated before running your mouths!