Democrat Strategist Stutters, Can’t Name Crime Trump Violated to Be Impeached

Democrat strategist, James ‘Skeletor’ Carville had a friendly debate with Sean Hannity at Politicon but like all unhinged violent Leftists found himself stuttering, incapable of answering a simple question: What crime do you want to impeach him on?

“For leveraging his influence for personal political gain … Self dealing”?? That’s a crime? Where is that in the Constitution?

See what Carville just did there, he made up a crime! That’s what the Left is doing, they’re throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. First we were told Trump colluded (not a crime even if true) with the Russians. Then they shifted that he was obstructing justice. Now it’s quid pro quo with the Ukrainian President who has been adamant he was never pressured to investigate Joe Biden. To make matters worse for the dems the timeline doesn’t add up..

Now Skeletor is telling us Trump will be impeached for enriching himself?? Emoluments clause again, which has been shot down repeatedly and definitely won’t stick with Ukrainegate.

These people aren’t nuts, they’re dangerous playing on Americans who are not dialed in to what is going on, looking for a crime to pin on Donald Trump they can sell to the country. They have wanted to impeach him since Nov 8th 2016! If you’re fed up with these people the best way to get back at them is support and re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.

Here’s the entire conversation