Fmr SOCOM Commander Calls For Trump To Be Removed From Office “The Sooner, The Better”

Fmr Navy Adm William McRaven posted an op-ed in the NY Times more or less calling for a coup against Pres Trump, to have him removed from office the “the sooner, the better.” Why? There were no specifics given, no crimes, no violations of his oath nothing just typical Leftist whining that Trump is destroying the country from within…

If exposing and shutting down the Deep State and corruption in the agencies McRavan cites to Jake Tapper is destroying the country then what kind of country does this man want us living in!? Yes the media is the Enemy of the People when they push lies out daily to advance their agenda. We aren’t defying or betraying our allies, and based on what he’s saying with regards to Syria he wants to support terrorists. There is a BIG difference between Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, he knows it SHAME ON HIM for being a partisan hack! Finally, it’s clear McRaven is with the people doing very bad things in this country at OUR expense.

I don’t care about his past service to this country. Thank you very much, but it doesn’t give him the right to run his mouth and lie. By the way we saw this with John McCain, he was vicious and acted in HIS best interests not the US’, but because he served well we couldn’t say anything bad about him when he did very bad things like LIE and commit fraud. No, Sorry doesn’t work that way and shame on McRaven or anyone who use his service in that way.

The Left, from dirty stinky violent protestors to decorated Fmr Special Operations commanders, just can’t seem to come to grips that the 2016 election is over, the Queen of Warmongers LOST. They whine about how Trump is ruining the country yet produce nothing of substance or fact to support their position except for failed DNC concocted scandals, failed attempts to frame Trump as a traitor and Russian asset, make up crimes out of thin air that are DOA and that he’s mean using bad words.

Go to Hell Admiral