Unhinged Violent Leftists Scream at Sen Rand Paul Over Incivility

It doesn’t matter what color or how old they are, ALL Leftists are unhinged and violent like these two New Yorker’s screaming at Sen Rand Paul and his Deputy Chief of Staff Sergio Gor, while they were having lunch in CA, complaining about incivility.

Pot meet kettle…

These two are your typical Leftist hypocrites complaining about Trump being uncivil but look at them! Don’t recall Trump ever acting like this, sure he mocks and makes fun of Leftists, but you never see him throwing fits. The closer we get to the 2020 election the more you will see footage like this and much much worse. The Left are incapable of controlling themselves. Watch yourself out there they will physically attack because they have nothing of substance to stand on in debate.

Let’s figure out who they are and make them famous!