Pelosi LIES to Media and on House Floor the Impeachment Rules Are Fair


The House democrats socialists voted on their resolution to move forward with the impeachment inquiry that was already started weeks ago, with hearings being held in the basement of the Capitol behind closed doors by Adam Schiff. Pelosi snapped and lied to reporters in a presser before going to the House floor and lying again to the country the impeachment probe would be handled fairly.

Pelosi thinks the rules she, Schiff and her lackey’s drew up are fair. Just give a listen to Rep Lesko who went through the “rules” line-by-line outlining what the socialists think is fair proving Pelosi LIED…

Lesko wasn’t the only one calling the Left out for their lies, deception and outright denial of due process for the President, top GOP members spoke their minds about the outright abuse of power from the socialists…

Here’s Liz Chaney calling them out for ignoring matters of national security

To be clear, under Comrade Schiff, witnesses do not have to answer republican committee members questions. GOP committee members must get his permission to call a witness(es) and he solely decides what evidence is made available to members of Congress, let alone the American people in their Soviet-style impeachment!!

The media of course is NOT telling the American people the truth. Democrats know this as the media is gladly helping and enabling the deception. If average repub and dem knew the bullshit taking place the Left’s precious polls would be heavily weighted against impeaching Trump. The socialists acts of sedition, rebellion and insurrection must be stopped.