Newtown Woman Takes “Bullsh*t” Beto to the Woodshed!


Bob Frank O’Rourke was campaigning in in Newtown, CT and caught some flack from a woman not buying his progressive promises. This unidentified woman took the gun grabbing opportunist, exploiting the Sandy Hook massacre, to the woodshed telling him “you’re bullshit”!

Every single thing this woman said is 100% true:

Beto, who is running on gun grabbing platform, is only in Newtown (sandy Hook) “to hijack this town and make an issue out of getting guns out of good people’s hands”. The problem with gun violence is not the guns but the monsters, like the Sandy Hook killer, who have serious mental health issues. It has nothing to do with toxic masculinity either, as she points out the Leftist war against boys and masculinity.

The Leftists at the meeting did not like her making another fact clear, “that democrats have been in charge of urban communities and cities for decades”, many that are now in total decay, riddled with poverty, crime, drug abuse and gun violence.

Democrats policies are absolute failures from healthcare to national security. They DO NOT care about their constituents, they just tell them what they want to hear for donations and votes. Look at Baltimore, it’s a total war zone no thanks to the failures of Elijah Cummings. (Yes, politicians who have wrecked American cities that just died will be trashed. Their death doesn’t excuse their poor behavior and failures.)

Democrats are liars and incredibly corrupt. They won’t debate you on any of their failures either, instead they’ll deflect, change the topic and attack people like this strong woman speaking her mind surrounded by unhinged violent Leftists.

Democrats must be thrown out of office in 2020 otherwise we’re going to have people like Beta running the country.