Dem Accuses Ken Cuccinelli of Supporting “White Supremacist Ideology”


Debbie Wasserman Schultz must be feeling left out of the news circuit interview circle as she viciously attacked the acting Citizenship and Immigration Services Director, Ken Cuccinelli, of supporting a “white supremacist ideology”, during House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on immigration.

This woman’s 15 minutes were well over YEARS ago. A nasty prepared speech accusing someone of being a racist is not what taxpayers are paying for. Listen to her, she acts high and mighty, talking down to the Director, and of course invoking her right to “reclaim her time” when her DEFAMATORY LIES are challenged. The Speech and Debate Clause needs to be scrapped. These monsters cannot treat people like this with no accountability or at the least a response. How dare she or anyone in DC attack another American, be it a member of the Trump admin to citizens like the democrats have been doing. We had Harry Reid accuse Mitt Romney (no fan of) of not paying his taxes, which Reid admitted he knew was a lie but “it worked”, to this despicable excuse for a human being to call a man a racist and white supremacist.

The Trump admin and Cuccinelli are for once enforcing the immigration laws CONGRESS WROTE! If they’re racist then every single member of Congress who authored and or voted for the laws being enforced, or to never offering new laws are racists and white supremacists too! When did it become racist to keep people who don’t belong here from entering? When did it become a white supremacist ideology to NOT conflate illegal immigrants with legal immigrants? This woman is not crazy, she’s dangerous like all democrats in Congress and the Leftists on the streets who support them.

There’s something quite bigger at play here you need to understand. The democrats/ Leftists, as a whole, are telling the same lies over and over again that those on the Right, and anyone who supports them, are racists, bigots, white supremacists and we can’t forget nazis. Why? Because they know there are people in America who have no clue what is going on, who will repeat the lies and act on them. Dems know these people are uneducated and clueless taking every word as gospel: “Oh gee, they said they’re nazis, it must be true because politicians/ media are always right.” With that the dems are banking on these people taking that anger out on the Right at the ballot box, because why would you want nazis running the govt!?

Look at her, DWS couldn’t careless over the danger she is putting that man in by calling him a white supremacist. That should concern all Americans, because if the dems have no problem attacking Cuccinelli and Trump just imagine what they will do to you!

These Leftist monsters need to be POLITICALLY exterminated in 2020, if not it’s only going to get worse.